Artificial Flowers in a Vase You’ll Love in 2020

Whether you are planning an event or adding a touch of colour to your office reception, artificial flowers in a vase always make an impact. This type of floral arrangement offers many benefits, from reduced mess, no need for watering, minimal upkeep, and no loss of colour. Premium quality artificial blooms are designed to not only look indistinguishable from real flowers; they are also designed to feel just like real flowers as well.

Get all the beauty of 2020’s floral trends with our top picks for artificial flowers in a vase.

Gorgeous Artificial Flowers in a Vase

There are a number of floral arrangement trends taking centre stage this year. Our favourite ideas for artificial flowers in a vase include the following:


Jungle-inspired displays show no sign of losing their appeal any time soon, and for good reason. These arrangements are all about lush greenery. Palm fronds, large glossy leaves and colourful tropical flowers take centre stage, with hues such as yellow, orange and red contrasting against the greenery for added effect. Orchids are another great choice for an exotic look, adding a warm tropical feel to any space. This type of arrangement can be enjoyed all year round, but they are especially perfect for warm summer months.


The botanic trend is another popular look in floral displays. This type of arrangement fuses organic elements alongside traditional flowers. Roses, proteas, eucalyptus leaves, and wildflowers are used together for a soft, natural look. These arrangements are often used for weddings, thanks to their romantic appeal. Colours are typically muted, with pastels and softer greens rather than vibrant shades.


Another top choice for weddings and engagement parties is the romantic display. This type of arrangement features roses and other soft blooms, in single colours or soft, pastel hues of pink, purple and blue. Hydrangea blooms work well for romantic display – especially when multiple colour variations are used.


Then there are the classic arrangements that remain a sought-after choice, in 2020 and beyond. Classic displays can include simple roses, mixed within a bouquet or used on their own as single stem displays. Other flowers often used in traditional, timeless displays include tulip, peony, daisy, azalea, hydrangea, and tuberose. Simple greens are used to accentuate and add more visual appeal.

The beauty of artificial blooms is that they add all the colour and impact you need, with an ability to continue blooming as long as they are on display. At Silk By Design, our goal is to help you enhance your space with the highest quality blooms. Contact us today to find out more about ordering your very own spectacular artificial flowers in a vase.