Deep Fake Flowers – Real Feel Artificial Flowers That Will Fool Your Senses

If you are looking for an ultra-realistic alternative to genuine arrangements, real feel artificial flowers are sure to be just what you need. Gone are the days of synthetic, fake flowers that stand out for all the wrong reasons. Today’s faux flowers are all about premium materials and exquisite details that make them so realistic, they are almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

There is no doubt that flowers brighten up every room. There are many benefits to having flowers in an office or home, from improved mood to making the right impression on visitors. As beautiful as fresh-cut flowers may be, they are seldom very practical. Fresh flowers will very quickly start to wilt, losing petals, losing their scent and very soon making a mess. Faux flowers give you all of the benefits of genuine flowers, without the mess and need for constant replacement. With that said, not all faux flowers are made equal. This is where real feel artificial flowers come in…

Why Choose Real Feel Artificial Flowers?

As their name suggests, real feel artificial flowers feel like the real thing. Using premium-grade silk and an advanced manufacturing process, each leaf, stem and bloom is designed to provide an ultra-realistic texture that closely resembles the soft feel of floral petals. To the untrained eye, it is impossible to tell the difference. The realistic texture also gives these flowers a realistic look, without the unnatural overly shiny or matte look of poor quality fake flowers. Some of the biggest reasons to choose real touch flowers include the following:


As we mentioned above, real touch flowers have a highly realistic appearance, with details that closely resemble genuine flowers.  Colours are indistinguishable from real flowers. Cheap, poor quality fake flowers can usually be identified by their plastic stems and synthetic blooms. Some of the worst have frayed edges or obvious signs of glue. They are often made in bright colours that are not realistic at all. Needless to say, no one wants to display poor quality arrangements. Super realistic displays, on the other hand, will enhance your space just as genuine displays would do, without losing their appeal.


Most important of all is the texture. One of the first things that people tend to do when coming across an exquisite floral arrangement is touch one of the petals or leaves. An inviting, breathtaking display will be very tempting to avoid further inspection. When the flower or leaf is touched, it will feel just like a real flower, with the same soft, silky texture. This is due to the pure, high-quality materials used to create the flowers. The nature of silk gives it a fine texture with no obvious warp or threads. Instead, petals are smooth to the touch.

Finding the very best faux flowers is essential to ensure that your displays look and feel authentic. Contact Silk By Design today for our current price list and get the full benefit of beautiful real feel artificial flowers for your home or business.