Greenery has made huge waves in the home interior industry.

Greenery has made huge waves in the home interior industry. If you find yourself paging through an interior design magazine, you will see there is greenery everywhere, from green fronds trailing across shelfs, jungle-sized plants bursting from corners, and succulents living on coffee tables.  Although silk flower arrangements will always remain the perfect addition to your home setting, adding artificial greenery is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors in, as it adds softness, texture, fullness and vibrant color to your home.   Silk By Design offers limitless choices of greenery to suit your home style.  Check out some of our favourite ways to fill a home with greenery.

  1. Leaves in a Vase

Make a bold statement by decorating your home with green lush leaves in a clear vase.  For many, a vase filled with fillers seems weird but somehow the leaf trend tends to work.  Pinterest reports that interest in single leaf displays is up by 136 percent since last year.  I love these leaves as simple centerpieces during a dinner party, weddings or just as a table topper. You can’t go wrong with leaves in a vase to give your home that modern fresh touch.


GREENERY D278 - Senico Leaf Arrangement - 90cm

  1. Hanging Plants

One of my favourite plant styling techniques that’s sweeping the plant community is hanging plants.  Plant hangers are a great way to make your space visually appealing, break up a room’s dynamics and keep your plants away from pets or children.  I selected some of my favourite hanging designs from our collection to share inspiration with you!

GREENERY PLT124-Hanging Orchid Mix-138cm

  1. Succulents

If you’ve been following what’s trending in home decor, you probably noticed that succulents are still one of the most requested plant for the home. These exotic and beautiful creatures have been used everywhere from the patio, on the table, kitchen counters or in the windowsills, succulents are everywhere. These luscious plants are nothing new, but their prevalence in home décor seems to be a trend that I really love.

 P1223-Flowering Cactus Arrangement-49cm

  1. Palm Trees

Decorating your home with palm trees has been one of this year’s biggest interior trends, and for a good reason. Not only do palm trees look great in your home, but they also make your interiors feel light and fresh. Go for palm trees for an eye-catching feature in your living room. Tropical palm trees have also been a big trend.  Whether you choose to add a small, medium or large, artificial palm tree to your home, it will make a fashion statement. 

GREENERY Kentia Palm-(PLM-GDB101-TTGR)-190cm

  1. Evergreen Art

Add Evergreen art to your home wall, it will add that much needed dash of greenery that you need. Evergreen Art displays greenery beautifully in a wooden frame.  These plants are put together to create a colourful plant artwork tapestry.  Evergreen art is loved by many for its texture and vibrant colour and is sure to create an impression!


  1. Pot Plants

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to artificial potted plants. From Crown Succulents, Agaves, Dracaenas and Arecas to Fiddle Leaf plants. Transform your space by placing your potted plants near a window, on a tabletop, the corner of your couch, your home entrance or on a shelf.  Match your plants with the best pots, as a result it will enhance its style.  The thought of filling your home with a ton of plants might be daunting, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them all alive when they’re artificial! Feel free to put plants in your home anywhere and everywhere.


 PLT115-Zebra Diffenbachia Arrangement-62cm