Why you should consider using silk flowers for your wedding!

Ever considered silk flowers for your wedding? On the morning of my big day,  I sat at the hairdresser getting my hair curled, when my mother had called me anxiously to let me know that all the flowers we’d purchased for the wedding had dried-up and died. My mother had carefully followed the florist instruction, yet they had withered and died in the bathroom of our home. The wedding was in 7 hours. My father and mother frantically searched to find enough flowers in Durban to make seven decent bouquets, seven boutonnieres, and twenty centerpieces.  Before my wedding, I would have never given Silk Flowers a second thought. It’s the Flower Incident as I call it, that changed my whole perception of silk flowers.

In addition to the fact that Silk By Design produces quality, designer floral arrangements,  there are many benefits to choosing silk flowers for your special day. From stress levels to budgets and decor, here are reasons why you should consider choosing silk flowers for your wedding.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. You can arrange silk flowers for your wedding ahead of time

We’d forgive you for feeling just a little overwhelmed when you have your wedding venue to set up as well as get ready on your big day. Give yourself a relaxing morning that you deserve.  Plan and set-up your wedding venue in advance. Silk By Design will help create your wedding arrangements to perfection so you need not worry about your flowers wilting in your marquee’s warmth.  They will not fade or crumble. Artificial flowers could all be arranged weeks in advance into vases and vessels, making the last few days ahead of the big one much happier.

With so many decisions to be made, it may take months to plan your wedding day. And as the day comes, levels of stress may rise. Choosing silk wedding bouquets is an easy choice because you can buy them days or even months in advance and stay stress-free in the knowledge that before your actual wedding they will not wilt.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. You can choose from a wide selection of silk flowers for your wedding

Silk By Design offers a wide range of flowers for your wedding decor. From wedding bouquets, centerpieces, table tops, buttonholes to isle arrangements and flower walls. Silk flowers allow the bridal couple to choose their favourite flowers that suit their decor and set-up. In addition, we offer many silk flower arrangements that can be displayed at your wedding venue to create the desired atmosphere.  SilkSense distributors offer silk flower rentals for your wedding.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding


  1. They can become keepsakes of your day

If you choose a fresh bouquet and want to keep it after the wedding, you will face the challenge of perfectly preserving them. Since you soon will be jetting off to your honeymoon destination, there is very little time to accomplish this type of tasks. You can simply wrap your silk flower bouquet in protective paper and store them in a box, forming a lasting memorial of your perfect day without half the fuss.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. There is very little to clean up afterward if you use silk flowers for your wedding

While a wedding is a happy occasion, there’s always the chore of cleaning up. Unlike fresh flowers, silk flowers for your wedding do not wilt.  You won’t have to clear it’s petals from the floor. Just pick up your arrangements and go.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. No wilting and dying

Silk wedding flowers have the advantage of not wilting. Artificial flowers are something to consider if you have a warm-weather wedding. Silk Flowers are not going to freeze in cold weather as well. These flowers are perfect because they are lightweight. Silk Flower arrangements make it easier to handle and carry especially if you add delicate flowers to your arrangement. These flowers don’t need watering and are much longer lasting. You should consider including Silk Flowers for your wedding, to eliminate the stress of worrying about the delivery of your perfectly pictured flowers.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

  1. Allergies

With silk flowers, the bride and her bridal party will have no worries about allergies to fresh flowers.  You may include silk flower scents to your artificial flowers to smell like fresh flowers.  This will prevent those who suffer from allergies to sneeze.  This is why choosing silk flowers for your wedding is perfect for those who suffer from allergies etc.

Consider Silk Flowers for Your wedding

Flowers are a key element to any wedding decor. There are plenty of advantages in choosing silk flowers, for your wedding arrangements and bouquets. View Silk By Design customs page or visit our showroom.  We will help make your big day that much more special.