UK’s Hottest Flowers for Summer 2021

Phew! Have you noticed how warm it’s been getting? Summer has hit the UK, and you don’t have to look much further than your roadside verges to see evidence of this. Summer is flower season, when petals aplenty burst open and give us beautiful blooms to see and appreciate. One trend gaining momentum this summer is floral sustainability. In an effort to preserve beautiful flowers in their natural habitats (and steer clear of allergy attacks), many floral fanatics are opting for eco-friendly alternatives like silk flower arrangements. Let’s take a look at five gorgeous flowers that simply MUST find their way into one of your vases this summer:



Courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

You’ve seen them; you’ve heard about them. Cosmos flowers are rarely a sore sight, and become quite striking when collected in a vase. These flowers grow up to six feet in height, so you’ll definitely be trimming your cosmos before vasing them. Cosmos flowers are some of the easiest to germinate, and they bloom like crazy when they do. The word cosmos comes from Greek, which translates to balanced universe.



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If you have a live orchid in your home, you’re looking at the floral equivalent of a dinosaur. Orchid varieties have been found throughout the world, which leads scientists to believe that they were widespread before the continents separated. Each flower can be sliced into two perfect halves, and vanilla beans actually come from a species of orchid – how crazy is that? Orchid arrangements are also one of the most popular flowers on our Silk by Design website.



Courtesy of Stones Corner.

Got a granny in the hospital? Chances are someone will send her a bunch of tulips at some point during her stay. The flower is the official symbol for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, and was once worth more than ten times a Dutch worker’s salary. Tulips are flowers to express condolences or apology, so you can also send these to your Gran if you forgot to visit her in the hospital.


King Protea

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Named after the shape-shifting Greek god Proteus, this flower is native to the South African Cape of Good Hope. Proteas were shipped to Europe in the 18th century, where they have grown and thrived for generations. The King Protea is so named because it is the largest of the proteas, and this flower usually grows in shades of white, gold, and purple. It’s also a very popular choice among clients browsing our website.



Courtesy of The Guardian.

Talk about making a statement! Foxglove floral arrangements should come with a hazard label, because even the smallest nibble can prove fatal. The quirky name was bestowed upon this flower because – wait for the cuteness – those that discovered it thought the tubular flowers looked like gloves that would fit a fox. Foxglove flowers are most commonly pink or purple – with rare white flowers every so often.


Allergy-free flowers, anyone?

Ultra-realistic silk flowers are the answer to allergy-stricken flower fanatics’ prayers. Silk floral arrangements will never cause anyone a sneezing fit, will never wilt or droop, and look their absolute best 365 days of the year. Take a look at our stunning silk floral arrangements, perfect additions to your home or office (or work-from-home office) this summer!